Biofruits is a small and medium-sized enterprise that is involved in production and commercialization of organic fruits and vegetables, fresh and processed. Fruits, vegetables (e.g. apples, pears, apricots, prunes, strawberry, white and green asparagus), aromatic plants, dried fruits, juices, jams, vinegars are the core of the firm activity. To guarantee a fair price/quality ratio in agreement with the producers, customers and partners is essential. The firm promotes innovation, while fostering production in line with the environment.

In 2004, four producers decided to found Biofruits in order to join forces and create a modern tool for organic farming in Valais. Biofruits produces on 170 hectares more than 34 different varieties of organic apples and pears.

The firm opened in 2005 a shop for direct sale. Fruits and vegetables are completed by other products, organic or regional, to highlight the agricultural resources of the soil of Valais. In 2011, in order to promote fruits that do not fit the aesthetic standards of the distribution, Biofruits founded the press, dedicated to the creation of juices and nectars. By also offering a custom work service, local producers can also benefit from the creation of their own drinks.

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Camille Aouinait