This is a growing inventory of successful Short Food Supply Chain initiatives throughout Europe. These range from Apps to Visions, from local to Europe-wide, and are geared towards many or specific stakeholders, from consumers to policy makers. The initiative may be browsed or searched.

Use the SMARTCHAIN Platform Initiative Inventory to increase your visibility by adding your short food supply chain to this inventory (you must be registered on the SMARTCHAIN Platform to do so) and to get inspired by learning about a wide variety of successful initiatives.

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Title Region Stakeholder type
2036 vision Zuid-Holland NL Policy maker
Aegean Cuisine EL Industry&Retail
Association of Hessian Direct Marketers DE Policy maker
BelgoMarkt BE Policy maker
Bizilur ES Farmer&Cooperative
Cretan Cuisine, Crete Open Wineries EL Industry&Retail
Earth Markets EU Consumer, Farmer&Cooperative, Industry&Retail
Ecotourism Greece EL Industry&Retail
Fédération Romande d'Agriculture de Proximité (FRACP) CH Policy maker
Fom Home BW DE Policy maker
Framework to regulate Agrotourism Businesses EL Industry&Retail
From Home DE Policy maker
Funding Programme for Environment, Climate Protection and Animal Welfare Baden-Württemberg DE Policy maker
Good thing from Hessen DE Policy maker
Greek Breakfast EL Industry&Retail
Holiday apartments DE Farmer&Cooperative, Industry&Retail
Kort'om Leuven BE Other
La Touvière CH Farmer&Cooperative, Consumer
Local Product Year HU Policy maker
NAIAK project ES Policy maker
Organic City of Bremen DE Farmer&Cooperative, Industry&Retail
Osterie d'Italia CH Consumer, Farmer&Cooperative, Industry&Retail
Pilot project in a school in Trikala EL Consumer
Rechstreex (Directly) NL Policy maker
Region Geneva - Earth Future CH Policy maker