Hub in Switzerland

The Swiss SMARTCHAIN innovation & collaboration hub is located in Conthey, Switzerland. It is affiliated with the Plant Production System research area of Agroscope. Link here.

The role of Agroscope in the SMARTCHAIN project is to foster the initiatives and collaborate with short food supply chains (SFSCs) in the Swiss region of Valais. The Swiss hub seeks to raise awareness of the benefits of engaging in SFSCs for both consumers and producers. As Switzerland is characterized with short distances between production areas and consumers, local food and SFSCs have great opportunity to flourish and develop in this context.

The Swiss Hub works with two case studies that are producing organic fruits and vegetables (Biofruits), and goat cheese (Chèvrement Bon). Different workshops, focus groups, World Cafés and participative sessions were implemented by the Swiss Hub managers. The two Swiss case studies together with experts of the agri-food value chains were invited (researchers, producers’ associations, public regional organization of fruits and vegetables, producers, Swiss Association for the Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas). Interesting output and insights for different Work Packages of SMARTCHAIN were generated like initiatives of SFSCs in different regions of the country, examples of technological and non-technological innovations, best practices for the shift towards collaborative short food supply chains and motivations and barriers regarding SFSCs development.

The Swiss hub is actively collaborating with other national hubs of the SMARTCHAIN project in order to find and develop synergies related to short food supply chains in the European context.

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