Hub in Serbia

The Serbian hub has the following aims:

  • facilitate data acquisition and information flow within two Serbian case studies: Polo-Cacak and Association of companies for production and processing of fruits and vegetables, and among project actors
  • ensure communication with other hub managers in the project
  • promote synergies with regional/national operational groups, research and development organization, regional/national organization and association, regional advisory services, SMEs,  public authority and policy makers
  • organise multi-stakeholder and training workshops at regional/national level
  • disseminate project results at regional/national level
  • cooperate with the European community to exchange best practices and stimulate innovation

Link here to the two Case Studies in Serbia.

An Innovation and solution-based multi-actor workshop will take place online on 27 May at 14:00-17:00 CEST, organised by the Serbian Hub.
Registration & Information: