Natuurlijk Vleespakket BV


Natuurlijk Vleespakket BV provides natural, grass-fed meats, sourced from cows, bulls and sheep that roam nature parks in the Netherlands, and sells directly to consumers and restaurants in the Almere region (in the province of Flevoland), through the brand Vleesch & Co. Owner Bauke van der Veen: "The animals have grazed in natural parks all their lives and are owned by a foundation that primarily focuses on natural grazing, in order to prevent overgrows. I always say: 'I sell happy animals that have only experienced one bad day'. And we use every part of the animal, from head to tail. Pure meat, no e-numbers and you taste the difference." Vleesch & Co's grass-fed natural meats come from organically certified herds that have roamed the Dutch natural reserves all their lives. Animals such as Scottish Highlanders, Aberdeen Angus and Schoonebeeker heath sheep, that only fed on grass, flowers and tasty herbs. At the butcher, the meat is ripened for a few weeks so that it's dry-aged. All of this results in tasty, honest, natural meats from cows and sheep that enjoyed a happy life. The animals are not enhanced and antibiotics have not been administered. The meat is 100% guaranteed without artificial flavoring (e-numbers) or preservatives, and is gluten- and allergen-free. The only occasional additives are natural, organic herbs and spices. Bauke van der Veen is also chairman of the short chain initiative 'Vereniging Flevofood'.

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