Local2Local is a short food supply chain (est. 2013) in the Utrecht region, initiated by Amped Concepts BV(link is external) and about 20 local farmers. This partnership has grown to over 50 farmers and has regional cooperation with other supply chains. Its goal is to connect the city with locally produced food, in order to:

  • relieve the pressure on the ecological system. The proximity of production and consumption prevents unnecessary transport;
  • provide farmers with an honest share of the revenues, a fair share;
  • make healthy, quality food available to all (including vulnerable people in society), at affordable prices, for the long term;
  • enhance citizens’ involvement in the agricultural landscape and the origins of food products;
  • emphasize and strengthen the sense of well-being, care for each other and the living environment;
  • consolidate this movement by actively working together with civil society.

Local2Local believes in the new generation of enterprising people, do-ers, and offers students and young people a place to learn (internship / research), to gain work experience and exchange knowledge. In fact: step by step, Local2Local has transferred much of its daily operations into the hands of these young people, giving them ownership of the activities, the philosophy and the mission. Their passion, drive and insights help Local2Local now and in the long term. Together they continue building a sustainable food chain and a healthy, local economy.

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Mark Frederiks