Initiative in original language: 
BioStadt Bremen
Stakeholder type: 
Farmer & Cooperative
Industry & Retail
Initiative category: 
Initiative created in 2015 for the Climate Protection, Envionment, Mobility, Urban Development and Housing. Their main goal is to promote organic and locally produced food -More organic from and for Bremen-. They aim to increase the share of regional organic products in commerce, manufacturing, agriculture and hospitality, promote conscious nutrition, support tourism and connect the multitude of dedicated stakeholders. They suggests that associations and projects should be networking to promote the regional food industry and raise awarenessed of the benefits of organic food.
Extract from text: 
I like the way things work in Bremen, for example. Here we have the organic city of Bremen. This is a clear signal from the city. -Bio-Stadt-Bremen- actually says it all. I can only support something like that. Bio-Stadt Bremen is going very well, because that also includes gene technology. There are no genetically modified products coming into the city.