Syndicate of Foie Gras Producers On-farm


Foie gras is a traditional product obtained from the liver of a force-fed duck or goose. The Syndicate of Foie Gras Producers On-farm is a non-profit organization, created in 1986. This syndicate defends the interests of producers processing their foie gras on-farm. It includes about one hundred foie gras producers from Gers who carry out processing and canning of foie gras. Most of them also breed, force-feed, and slaughter animals on-farm. All of them propose an on-farm sale service.

This syndicate is part of the Gers association for foie gras & poultry farming promotion; a non-profit organization created in 1983. Each aspect of foie gras production from Gers (from hatching to processing) is represented by at least one member on the Board of Directors of this association. The syndicate of foie gras producers on-farm is one of these aspects.

This syndicate (and so this association) offers many advantages:

  • The promotion of the profession on the occasion of events or via the press.
  • The defense of profession interests.
  • Technical support: advice about norms or certifications.
  • Financial support: search for financing for the producers or producer groups, grant management.

e-Mail address:
Christophe Cotillon