Amped and FoodInsights are commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food quality to develop a blockchain technology for the design of demand-driven and transparent (short) food chains. The current blockchain platform facilitates the registration of the activities and partnerships within the food chain from harvest to consumer. Besides it monitors and records soil and product values, in order to facilitate the communication between farmer and consumer. In the long term, this passport offers the possibility to add other values to a product, such as carbon dioxide storage, water collection in the soil, biodiversity counts and nutrient values, minerals, trace elements, etc.

This first proof of concept is the stepping stone towards the ultimate aim of this innovation, which is to gain insights for increasing the value of (local) sustainable agricultural practices and products by creating a burden of proof. This burden of proof will be generated over time through the collection of KPI data e.g. emissions, water, biodiversity, nutritional value, land use, energy, waste management. The Taskforce Short Chains (TKK) will accelerate the data input of the blockchain technology by activating the trusted network of pioneering farmers in providing data. In this way the collection of data enables the creation of a soil passport and constructed proof for the added value creation of (local) produce. This constructed proof will be communicated by using the SDG´s defined by the UN to provide a universal way of communication. The reliable and transparent database of proof will be generated over time, with the ambition to realize a paradigm shift in the food chain towards a more inclusive and transparent food supply chain.

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William Pouw (Organic Fruit Grower)
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Elijah Versteeg (Amped concepts BV.)
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Wilbert Hilkens (FoodInsights)
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Mark Frederiks (Local2Local)
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