AGPFGA - Quality schemes


The product must have:

- ability to define which product attributes/levels and augmented services represent an added value for the target segments of consumers
- to provide the expected quality
- to provide distinguishable quality
- ability to access the consumer willingness to pay for specific products of SFSCs.
The 1901 Law Association was created in March 1983. It operates as
an inter-branch departmental department. Each family of Gers production (from hatching to manufacturing company) is represented
on the Board of Directors at least by one member.
o Traditional livestock keeping ensures the high quality, region specific
o Contact with the producers, who know the secrets for the preparation of the livers, confit and breast.
o Some municipalities offer a carcass cutting service, accompanied by
recipe cards prepared by local restaurateurs.
o Contact with local restaurants The organisation has traditional basin for the production of fat geese. The goose or goose fat was at the center of all negotiations such as barter, inheritance or the payment of rents in the 19th century.
The Association operates as an interprofession at the departmental level since the 20th century. The Gers goose is usually fattened with white corn. The Gers is the only department to have dedicated this tradition and therefore offers a unique product in France.

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