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Policy maker
Lantegi Batuak is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to promote and achieve social integration and employment for people with disabilities.
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Another initiative is a Lantegi-Batuak project, the NAIAK project, lettuce producers can produce, they sell to the Lantegi company and it is producing products of the 4th range. We have seen that this initiative is positive for rural development, because apart from carrying out direct sales, they move product, it is a local product that is also sold in a local environment, it is a very positive reading. There are different options, the most important thing is transparency. The NAIAK project does not want to have "suppliers hostage", I can only sell 30% of its total production). There is no exclusivity, the producer is free to sell. The planning of the production, I have a closed price, sales or not, gives you a safety margin. It is an example of rural development, the short chain with certain attributes.