Initiative in original language: 
Von Daheim BW
Stakeholder type: 
Policy maker
Initiative category: 
Campaign to promote local food in Baden-Württemberg, conducted by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection
Extract from text: 
The campaign is marketed on a large scale and trying to draw people's attention again to the fact that there is a lot to be found in the Baden-Württemberg region and that you can withdraw to it. I believe it is certainly the right step for politicians to give impetus and to create such marketing campaigns. I think it is an important point that such instruments should be introduced at political level and that they should really help individual producers. One person alone cannot run a national campaign, only very large farms can do that, and then we come back to the issue of weakening the smaller structures. And through campaigns of this kind, which emanate from the political side, it is possible to involve small producers.