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The truffle is an underground fungus that lives associated with the roots of certain trees, mainly oaks, oaks and gall oaks, with which it establishes a mycorrhizal symbiosis that produces a mutual benefit, both for the fungus and for the plant.

The harvesting season takes place between December, January, February and March. It is the most appreciated and valued. The truffle is collected by the producer, where it is later received, classified (according to the quality of the truffle in 1º. 2º or 3º), cleaned and distributed to the client. Part of this truffle is frozen, so that it can be distributed to the client if needed during the year.

The Araba truffle cooperative was born at the end of 2006 as a result of the Action Plan for Trufficulture in the Basque Country. Currently, the truffle cooperative of Araba is formed by a total of 57 members, an association, which is a reference point for truffles throughout the whole of Basque Country.

Truffles, nowadays, are considered as the aromatizing par excellence to season and perfume a variety of exquisite dishes and give them a touch of personal distinction.

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We grow and produce 100% organic salads and vegetables and support the local agricultural sector. We are passionate about our work and that is why we strive every day to offer you the best of us.

At Naia, people are the biggest secret. We believe in the well-being at work, promoting both professional and personal development. That's why, when this project came to us, we saw it clearly. Our main differentiation? We seek the inclusion of people with disabilities by definition and not by obligation.

Behind this enriching project is Lantegi Batuak. We are a non-profit organization that generates job opportunities adapted to people with disabilities, in order to achieve their maximum development and quality of life.

For more information, please visit https://www.lantegibatuak.eus/.