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Dapper is an initiative on the island of Texel. It's aim is to contribute with its products to nature-inclusive and circular farming. They are turning locally grown animal feed, like oats and peas into products suitable for human consumption. Thereby giving the farmer a good price for the product and stimulating them to grow more local feed and food. The profit that is earned is re-invested into sustainable landscape development on the island. Dapper thereby supports farmers who dare to choose a course in which they not only invest in their own business, but also in the future of the island Texel. They opt for a nature-inclusive business model and use their own and other residual flows as much as possible, offering consumers and tourists a way to invest in the beauty and the health of the region by buying these unique local products.

Within less than a year Dapper. brought out a lamb meat package and a winter box for fresh Texels' snert (a Dutch pea soup). They are also developing other products from green peas and oats. With these crops they aim to restore soil quality, offer a local source of protein rich feed for cattle and create high value consumer products such as oatmilk.

Dapper farmers are transparent and dedicated to caring for nature and landscape. They do this through collaborating with local nature organisations and conducting collaborative research on the present species of their plots, collaborating towards circular agriculture. Dapper. helps farmers to work together, be transparent and to invest in taking care of their surroundings and to value and market this locally to consumers and tourists. This creates a better position for the farmer and benefits ecological health and biodiversity. The consumer can enjoy the beautiful landscape, a healthy product and can feel proud to have contributed.

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