Summary: reconnects small-scale farmers directly with businesses looking for local, high-quality fresh ingredients, be they restaurants, farmer’s markets or food retailers. is on the mission to solve the local food distribution by providing the tools and knowledge to develop a resilient local food economy.

Support small-scale producers with demand-driven advisory services while providing chefs and consumers with on-demand access to quality products. Cultivate relationships between food system actors to build a community that fosters transparency and fair business. is a non-profit organization and network in the field of agricultural direct marketing in Hungary. promotes regional food and allows people new spaces of experience and education.

Foodhub and its partner are building an innovative farm-to-table service HUB, that provides the following digitalized services for farmers to reach their markets:

- Central logistics service, including warehousing, commissioning, transportation to buyers, where farmers can store in their products and Foodhub will provide all remaining logistic services,

- A central online marketplace to assist farmers B2B and B2C sales, including all factors of proper invoicing management, payment management, VAT compliance, online marketing, centralized customer service, export sales management, inland sales management,

- An educational and networking HUB where food producers are educated about all aspects of their go-to-marker: business management, food regulations, logistics, marketing, sales.

- A forecasting HUB where farmers can be provided with big-data analyses results of what products will be needed by B2C and B2B clients throughout the year.

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