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Gutes aus Hessen (MGH)
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Policy maker
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The company MGH Gutes sud Hessen GmbH was assigned by the Hessian Government to market the Hessian agriculture and food industry. Its work includes managing activities related to food marketing like fairs, exhibitions, retail tasting events as measures like quality and provenance labels. The Gutes aus Hessen is a label that guarantee that the original product and the processing took place in Hessen. They are currently working on a project for the implementation of the Organic Seal - Hessen (Bio-Siegel - Hessen)
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Then there are also some other labels, for Hessen -good thing from Hessen-, where the original product and the processing must take place in Hessen. But Hessen in itself also is no definition for a locality. So it is one but under circumstances not the decisive one. Just this definition, which finds much use in federal states: Lower Saxony product, Hessian product or -good from Hessen-. If you call it a local product, then you advertise that a product that comes from the far end of northern Hesse is just as Hessian as a product from southern Hesse. And if this product is transported from North Hesse to South Hesse, it is still a local product according to this definition. But if it is transported 25km to the north, to the Dutch borders, it is no longer a local product in the sense of the word. These are things that should be resolved. The regional window is a good way to do this.