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Farmer & Cooperative
Industry & Retail
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Organized by Slow Food, the Region of Piedmont and the City of Turin, Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is an international gastronomy exhibition that takes places every two years in Turin, bringing together food producers and artistans from across the world. The event is composed of a large market and other activities including conferences, forums, workshops, tastings and cooking lessons.
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Salone de Gusto Terra Madre is about local food in main countries. It is a paradox, but this gives motivation to producers to keep and to promote their local food throughout their country. The concept of ‘local food’ is a bit paradoxical here: e.g. Coffee is not local in Italy, but we have a cultural history of coffee in Italy. Food is also travelling, so it is a combination of different things and stories. In Salone del Gusto we talk about the territories and what producers are doing and there are tasting labs and markets and these are really successful. Presidia (products) are sold directly or in some cases, for example in Switzerland, there is a strong collaboration with COOP supermarket where they promote all the Swiss Presidia (products), but also sometimes some of the Presidia that are from near countries like France and Italy – eg. coffee.