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Policy maker
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We conduct policies out of a common vision: healthy, sustainable and affordable in 2036. One of the other ways is to connect different actors in the SFSC. Our role is to set up organisations or platforms, which can be used by the different actors to connect with other actors. A third manner is to create space. Good initiatives will be stimulated by means of grants and policies concerning, for instance, emissions and circulation. Next to this, facilitating legislation will be introduced and obstructing legislation will be adjusted or removed. The connecting initiatives must be based on three pillars: leaders in the chain, policy makers and practical initiatives or entrepreneurs.With our policy/vision, we try to achieve three goals: - closing cycles through circular economy- - strengthening regional food chains through a short chain- - strengthen biodiversity through a revenue model. The local government has set up the overall goal that 80% of what people consume in this area (Zuid-Holland) has to be produced in the province in 2036. That brings a change in food pattern and distribution, but has impact on distribution of finances as well. At the moment, the 5,3 million residents have a value of 6 billion euros.