Policy Maker


Short food supply chains (SFSC) and local markets, where farmers sell their produce directly to consumers or with a minimum of intermediaries, are flourishing in in rural and urban areas of all EU countries and technology providers have multiple opportunities for cooperation and co-design of new innovation processes.

Policy Makers participate in the SMARTCHAIN project in the following ways:

  • Take advantage of the Innovation Inventory to find and contribute to an exhaustive database of all practical solutions to problems facing farmers and other short food supply chain practitioners.
  • An online collaborative area will be open to farmers, researchers, innovation brokers, companies willing to find suitable partners for new initiatives.
  • Attend workshops at the national and/or European level in which farmers, food SMEs and consumer associations define the requirements of a SFSC that meets their needs.
  • Find more information through one of the 18 case studies of Short Food Supply Chains with remarkable social, economic and/or ecological impact.
  • A gamification study on community building.


This Platform aims to enhance interaction and cooperation among all the stakeholders of the SFSC so we invite you to visit the other stakeholder pages.