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Short food supply chains (SFSC) and local markets, where farmers sell their produce directly to consumers or with a minimum of intermediaries, are flourishing in in rural and urban areas of all EU countries and technology providers have multiple opportunities for cooperation and co-design of new innovation processes.

Policy Makers participate in the SMARTCHAIN project in the following ways:

  • Take advantage of the Innovation Inventory to find and contribute to an exhaustive database of all practical solutions to problems facing farmers and other short food supply chain practitioners.
  • Get inspired by the Initiative Inventory where you find searchable stories and links to successful short food supply chains throughout Europe.
  • An online collaborative area will be open to farmers, researchers, innovation brokers, companies willing to find suitable partners for new initiatives.
  • Attend workshops at the national and/or European level in which farmers, food SMEs and consumer associations define the requirements of a SFSC that meets their needs.
  • Find more information through one of the 18 case studies of Short Food Supply Chains with remarkable social, economic and/or ecological impact.
  • A gamification study on community building.


Policy Makers interested in Increasing the Sales of Products from Short Food Supply Chains can find ideas in the SMARTCHAIN 1-Pager, here.


The following organizations may be useful for Policy Makers working on improving short food supply chains:

Read case studies of successful Short Food Supply Chains including how local producers can adopt different business models, technologies, etc in this interesting database set up by the European Network for Rural Development, here

Follow Slow Food International, a global grassroots organization that aims to prevent the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions, here.

Follow La Via Campesina, a grassroots farmers and peasants organisation that promotes food sovereignity, here.


This Platform aims to enhance interaction and cooperation among all the stakeholders of the SFSC so we invite you to visit the other stakeholder pages.