We all eat every day, and the more than 150 million households in the EU can reap the benefits of Short Food Supply Chains (SFSC) by using the SMARTCHAIN Platform!

CONSUMER RESEARCHERS may be interested in studies on consumer groups involved in Short Food Supply Chains and can benefit from using the SMARTCHAIN Platform.

CONSUMER ORGANISATIONS are likely giving information on new trends in food, and of growing interest to consumers is food from a Short Food Supply Chain. They can find information on the SMARTCHAIN Platform.



Consumers, Consumer Researchers and Consumer Organisations participate in the SMARTCHAIN project in the following ways:

  • Participate in investigations to test the concept of short food supply chains and identify those consumer segments where market acceptance can be achieved first.
    • Consumer Focus Groups ‚Äč
    • Consumer Questionnaires and Surveys
  • Attend workshops at the national and/or European level in which farmers, food SMEs and consumer associations define the requirements of a SFSC that meets their needs.
  • Join a consumer panel offering accessible, appealing and actionable science-based information on food and health to inspire and empower both the general public and health professionals.
  • Find out about successful Short Food Supply Chains around the world, and how to contact them, in the SMARTCHAIN Initiative Inventory. 



Information for Consumer Researchers

Insights on consumer perception of Short Food Supply Chains collected from the SMARTCHAIN case studies is summarised here.


Information for Consumer Associations

Take a look at our one-pager for information on how you can contribute to Increasing Sales of SFSC products. The Justify the Price heading tells how to communicate the value of SFSC to consumers. Look here

This Platform aims to enhance interaction and cooperation among all the stakeholders of the SFSC so we invite you to visit the other stakeholder pages