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Farmer & Cooperative
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The Service-vom-Hof project started in 2014 with the aim of offering a common platform to farm shops, farm cafés, holiday farms, farmers' markets, adventure farms and other providers of farm services. Today, the platform contains over 1,000 farm offers from the subject areas of shopping & enjoying, refreshments & celebrations, experiencing & exploring, spending the night & relaxing - and the trend is rising. In addition to the internet platform, the “Service-vom-Hof” app was launched in 2016. It works independently of the network, so the information can be called up wherever guests, holidaymakers and consumers in Lower Saxony are on the move and need it.
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The campaign tries to draw attention again to the fact that there are many regional offers in the Lower Saxony region. I think it is the right step to give impulses and start such marketing campaigns. I think it is an important point that such instruments are introduced at the political level and that they should really help individual producers. Campaigns of this kind, which come from the political side, make it possible to give small producers more publicity and weight.