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Industry & Retail
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Regulation developed by the Tourism Ministry and the Rural Development and Food Ministry that aims to standarize and improve the quality of services. Some of the measurements are: give businesses an activity code which allows to ensure a regulated acivity and introduce the requirements for the mandatory Special Agrotourism Seal (ESA). These requirements include being signed-up in the Greek farmer's registry and to offer up to 40 beds on or off farm or agricultural locations.
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Q: Final and important question, there is a "new regulation in Greece requiring agritourism organisations to sign up on farm registers, therefore, WHAT impact this regulation has on your business or communication with producers? Please read the link. A: 'A new agritourism has strong potential to build trust and regulate a haphazard sector. While initially some agritourism institutions might be excluded, this will force them to raise their standard in order to obtain the seal of approval. Other European countries such as France and Austria have similar setups. Overall, we see that registering, which is mandatory by law, will ultimately improve business or communication with producers.