Chèvrement bon


Chèvrement bon is a familiarly owned small enterprise, with four different activities:

  • Goat farming

About a hundred chamois dairy goats are raised. Each year these goats give birth to about 120 kids. Each goat produces an average of 1000 liters of milk.

  • Cheese making

Lactic type cheeses are mainly processed and come in many forms: Fresh, refined, great blue of Besson and the flowery tome.

  • Pig farming

Woolly pork is produced since 2010 in the farm. It is a breed adapted to an extensive production mode. They grow steadily and relatively slowly, giving their flesh a special quality with high water retention and relatively low intramuscular fat.

  • Green energy

In 2008, the roofs of the firms are covered with photovoltaic panels. The production of hot water is possible thanks to solar heating and a wood boiler, to ensure the independence at an energy level.

In 1981, the family began with a herd of 35 goats. In 1987, with the increase in market opportunities the herd has expanded and has currently 100 dairy goats. In 2010, one of the sons joined the farm to become the manager of the cheese factory. In 2013, a new cheese factory with a shop for the sale of farm products was built. In the shop, a whole range of goat cheeses (i.e. fresh, dung, flavored, finely chopped or ashy, ricotta, tomme, beaten white), delicatessen of the animals, roast terrine, sausage, ham, bacon and dried meat are proposed to the consumers.

Responding to customer demand by offering quality products and bringing innovation and a complete range of cheese (e.g. direct sales or market with 15 different cheeses based on 2 different processing techniques) are essential targets of the farm.

A website and social media are used to communicate about different news and events the SME is participating in or developing. Some events are organized by the firm like visits of the farm to see goats, pigs and chickens, small market on the farm that bring local producers of different products (e.g. meat, bread).

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