Rizikó-Ker Kft. family business


The family owned the company would love to sell their products directly to the consumers, however it is not possible for one producer to fulfil every consumer need. Some consumers want smaller packages, others like bigger packages. Not every consumer wants the same type of vegetables either. It is hard to organize the farm to adapt to these different needs, but a multinational company has the capacity for that. If the company want to sell their products on smaller markets, they have to raise the prices, meanwhile the multis will have the same on lower price. The family businesses’ goal is to supply the Hungarian market with premium agricultural products. They monitor the quality of their products continuously and always try to use the newest technologies on their farm for the harvest and for the processing. Investing is always tricky, but the family invests only if they are sure that the investment will be profitable (e.g. the expansion of a farm, new packaging technology, new cleaning technology, new devices/equipment for the technology).

In the end, they sell their products only to multinational companies, because the amount of products that could be sold through local supply chains is limited. More products can be sold to multinational food chains.

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