La Charrette Carsharing


1. **Scenario 1: A producer (called "producer A")** needs to deliver his products and has some space in his car/truck:

- He joins the platform (free registration);
- He enters the journey with some information: departure and arrival cities, possible stopping points, type of storage during the transport (ambient, cold, frozen), date of the journey and the timetable.

2. **Scenario 2: A producer (called "producer B")** needs to deliver a product and looks for someone to deliver it:

- He joins the platform (free registration);
- He completes the type of journey he wants (departure and arrival cities, days of the journey, type of required storage);
- He selects, among the propositions, the most suitable journey according to his criteria and he books the journey (online payment).

A software on the website approximately compares the cost of the delivery:

- without sharing;
- by delivering his goods himself and sharing the car with goods from other producers;
- or by entrusting his goods to another producer who deals with the delivery.

This innovation has many advantages:

- It is an easy to use solution: a platform on a website to book a journey in a few time;
- It allows to save time on the logistic step and to focus more on the main activities on the farm;
- It allows to reduce the cost of transport;
- It allows to reduce the environmental footprint of the transport;
- It supports the cooperation and links among producers.

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