House of Hungarian Wines


There are a wide range of the products on the market in different quality. High quality product’s need is to supply them as a special order in a worthy milieu, not as a mass product in a huge amount.
In the cellar of the House of Hungarian wines the consumers can not only buy Hungarian wines, but can learn about all the 22 wine regions, the history of winemaking, the methods, the wide range of grape varieties, so it offers much more, than just trade, visiting the Wine House provides experience and knowledge in the culture of wine and grapes. The aim of the House of Hungarian Wine was to create awareness of the Hungarian wine culture, to educate the consumers and to promote the consumption of Hungarian quality wines. It was established by the National Council of Wine Communities together with other civil organizations. It was located in one of the most frequented touristic areas in Budapest, in the Royal Castle. There was a wine-tasting cellar, where each of the 22 historic wine-regions of Hungary is represented in a separate exhibition area. There were approximately 700 different Hungarian wines and sparkling wines presented. All types of wines on show could be purchased on site. For each wine district and wine type, a short description of the main characteristics and history of the wine region and the wine types with their specific nature was provided in several languages.

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