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GROUNDED festival is organized by sustainability students in collaboration with a short food supply chain company Local2Local, a local beer brewery de Leckere and event production management Raveplan. The festival aims to bring local citizens together on the themes of food, nature, music and art. In this way making sustainability tangible and sexy and showing that it is possible to have fun without causing harm. Therefore the festival bans single use plastics, uses eco toilets and compensated the CO2 emissions of the energy use with reforestation projects. The festival included a local farmers market, organic and local foods and drinks and workshops on sustainability topics. The benefits and opportunities resulting from this social innovation include: - Growing community of local consumers and students - Increased visibility/ recognition of local products/ brands/ new sustainable initiatives - Increased awareness for local food supply chains and eco-cycles - Direct contact between local producers and consumers Apart from the local and sustainable oriented event/ innovation, Grounded aims to engage people to celebrate and co-create sustainability and culture through events and workshops. Once people have come into contact with Grounded they are welcome to contribute to the diverse initiatives that grounded is working on (art projects, food truck, education curriculums, music, podcasts) or they can pitch their new idea to the Grounded community. Grounded connects people with divers skills and backgrounds, in this way serves as an incubator of local and sustainable initiatives.

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Maarten Klop (GROUNDED festival)
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Mark Frederiks (Local2Local)
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