Couleurs Paysannes


In the city of Valensol (in the region Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur) in 2012, around 40 local farmers, decided to open a supermarket (350 square meters) together in order to start directly selling their products. Meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables and all kinds of products can be found in this supermarket. Everything works as in a classical supermarket, except that the prices are decided by the farmers only and they have to give a little bit of their time to work in the shop. Since 2012, two other shops have open in Manosque (a small city shop , 60 square meters) and in Aix en Provence (250 square meters).
In the original shop in Valensol, a kitchen is going to open soon in order to be able to prepare and sell ready-to-eat meals made from products of the shop.

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