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Diversification of products is a strategy for small firms and producers in order to satisfy consumers’ needs that are increasing and becoming complex. Besides, diversification can help in competing with different products and firms that propose similar goods. In Switzerland, imports of goat cheese that are similar to the goat cheeses produced by Chèvrement bon are significant. These imported products can be cheaper for the consumers than indigenous products. This is at the expense of the producers’ competitiveness and economic return. The small firm Chèvrement bon has decided to implement the strategy of coming up with new products since a few years. Answering consumers’ expectations that are demanding for more local and fresh food and reach new consumers and/or markets is the objective of the product innovation.

The method is relating to the production of different goat cheeses in order to diversify the production and extend the range of products for consumers. Other firms can apply this generic method to their own production, if applicable (e.g. available resources like financial capacities, know-how, equipment). Furthermore, the short transport distance from the producer to the salesroom ensures food quality and food safety. Finally, extending the range of offered products can improve the firm’s visibility and image to the consumers.

Producers and consumers can be interested by this innovation. It can be used for a small and medium-sized business. 75,000L of milk are used to process and create 12,000 kg of cheese. Around 15 different cheeses are produced using two distinct technologies (lactic and semi-hard types). The range of products proposed to the consumers is extended and can satisfy their needs and expectations.

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