Sustainable Food System Innovation Platform

Collaboration is a key to success and two H2020 projects CO-FRESH and FAIRCHAIN put collaboration into action. These projects increase the competitiveness and sustainability of agri-food value chains through innovations, new approaches, and knowledge sharing. Together, they maintain and grow this Innovation Platform by:

  • Sharing project information on food supply chain innovations;
  • Publicizing through the Platform Initiative Inventory;
  • Generating training materials on best practices in food supply chain;
  • Ultimately engaging more and more stakeholders in innovative food supply chains.

To take full advantage of the SFS Innovation Platform you can register. Registered users can add innovations, initiatives, publications and weblinks; they can rate innovations and have access to pages hidden from visitors. Registration is fast and easy, only six questions, and your profile remains private.


The FAIRCHAIN Project develops intermediate food value chains in fruit & vegetable and dairy sectors. These combine elements from short and long value chains for food systems that are more sustainable environmentally, socially, and economically. The focus is on postharvest, where there are processing and retail power imbalances in conventional supply chains.

The CO-FRESH Project aims to provide techniques, tools and insights on how to make agri-food value chains more environmentally sustainable, socio-economically balanced and economically competitive. The project pilots several agri-food value chain innovations to see how they, in combination, can improve environmental and socio-economic sustainability.



The SMARTCHAIN Project aimed to accelerate the shift towards collaborative short food supply chains (SFSCs) by introducing robust business models and innovative practical solutions. Even before the official end of SMARTCHAIN (31/08/2021), responsibles at CO-FRESH (UHOH) and FAIRCHAIN (IFA) joined Platform management. Thank you to SMARTCHAIN for creating this Innovation Platform! 


The three other projects funded in the H2020 RUR-06 and RUR-07 calls, FOODRUS, LOWINFOOD, and PLOUTOS, will contribute to feeding this Innovation Platform with interesting information and in deciding the future priorities of Platform. 



Your project is also invited to contribute! Contact the Platform organizers to benefit from publicity for your project and start your collaborative adventure with the Sustainable Food System Innovation Platform.  

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